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Fitflop Shoes Review

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Long gone are the days of uncomfortable footwear. At FitFlop, customers can try on fashionable shoes without the worry of blisters. This online brand is best known for producing orthopedic sandals, boots, and sneakers for all genders. 

With a following of over 64.8k on Instagram, FitFlop seems to be a coveted favorite within the industry. Their designs are also featured in several reputable magazines, including, Hello, and Daily Mail. 

So, is it really worth getting a pair from this brand? This FitFlop Shoes review is here to find out, as we will take an in-depth look at the company, its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more, to help you decide if it’s time to retire those run-down sneakers.

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Should you take the subway, or is the distance short enough to get to your destination on foot? For a majority of people, this crucial question is usually answered by the type of shoes they wear that day. It’s typically a choice between two options: fashion or function. 

Sadly, either or has its own set of consequences: as chic promises foot pain while its alternative guarantees an unflattering design. So, what are we left to do? 

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Established in 2007, FitFlop was created to change the world of orthopedic shoes. The brand believed that comfort and fashion can be blended together, and this is most notably shown through their biomechanics technology. Today, FitFlop is led by founder Marcia Kilgore with its headquarters located in New York City.

Before we get into this FitFlop Shoes review, let’s go over some highlights: 


  • A variety of comfortable and fashionable shoes for men and women 
  • Large size range 
  • The brand provides cleaning advice for its footwear 
  • Positive customer reviews 
  • Free standard shipping on orders $99 or more 

Let’s do a quick survey. From the shoes that you own, how many are destined to be donated? I’m sure that there’s a considerable chunk of footwear that looks great but doesn’t perform well when worn outside. 

We put up with shoes that are uncomfortable, sweat-inducing, and prone to causing blisters. If you happen to be on the same bandwagon, let me introduce you to FitFlop. 

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Created for men and women, this online footwear brand produces comfortable boots, sandals, flats, sneakers, mules, and more.

You can also shop through the company’s select categories (such as their Superhero collection) or browse their patented technology. Don’t worry; there’s no need to sacrifice style, as all of FitFlop’s products are fashionable to wear.

FitFlop Women’s Sandals Review

It’s time to put those dagger heels to rest. There are other ways to look bomb without butchering your feet. From cushioned flip flops to 90s style platforms, this FitFlop Shoes review will take a look at some of the brand’s top-selling designs in the sandals section for women.

FitFlop Women’s iqushion Sandals Review

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It’s a lazy day, but that doesn’t mean you have to look like a couch potato. The Women’s iqushion Sandals act as the perfect compromise between style and function. 

Supported with the brand’s iQushion midsole technology, impact pillows, and natural arch support, these cloud 9 walkers will make each step feel lightweight and effortless.

These FitFlop sandals are also water-resistant, which is especially helpful for those accidental juice spills. Offered in a gorgeous silver hue with bedazzled fronts these Women’s iqushion Sandals sell for $60.

FitFlop Women’s Eloise Sandals Review

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The Women’s Eloise Sandals are what you get when you mix urbanized city life with Venice beach. These stylish espadrilles feature silver band crossing and woven platforms on the front. Not only does it offer that classic summer feel, but it’s also great for long boardwalks—as they are further enhanced with microwobbleboard tech and adjustable straps. 

In terms of styling, these FitFlop womens sandals would go perfectly with a loose summer dress and a matching hat. Available in other colors such as soft pink, light tan, and black, the Women’s Eloise Sandals retail for $200.

FitFlop Women’s Gracie Sandals Review

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Tired of the Birkenstock binge? The Women’s Gracie Sandals feature the same iconic design but with a slight twist. Designed with Dynamicush footbeds and a slip-resistant outsole, these FitFlop slippers can last for miles on the pavement. For added detailing, the two-band buckle strap is made out of super-soft leather. 

Since these FitFlop slides are offered in honey yellow or clay brown, we suggest opting for an early autumn look with the same fall tones. The Women’s Gracie Sandals are priced at $120.

FitFlop Women’s Shoes Review

Not a fan of open-toed sandals? Don’t worry; we’ve got your back. This FitFlop Shoes review will go through a few of the brand’s hottest picks in the shoe section. From clogs to ballet flats, don’t be surprised if your cart starts to fill up.

FitFlop Women’s Shuv Clogs Review

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Let me make one thing straight. The Women’s Shuv Clogs are NOT made out of wood, as per the traditional design from Holland. With a touch of modernization, these FitFlop shoes are made with full-grain upper leathers, microwobbleboard insoles, and built-in arch contour. Trendsetters are treated to a buttery smooth walking experience that’s also fashionable to wear! 

By far, the best thing about these FitFlop clogs is that they’re made to be entirely lightweight—meaning that you don’t have to worry about hauling wood on your feet. The Women’s Shuv Clogs currently retail for $170 and are available in black, navy, and tan.

FitFlop Allegro Ballet Flats Review

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If you aren’t as poised as a ballerina when walking, chances are that it’s the shoe to blame rather than your form. As a better alternative, the Allegro Ballet Flats can help wearers achieve that graceful side-step without having to worry about bleeding toes. These FitFlop shoes womens sandals come with an adjustable backing, which can be folded up or down for a different look. 

Reinforced with Dynamicush footbeds, elasticized sides, and soft leather uppers, there’s no need to sweat about future blisters from forming. For those who want more coverage in case of chillier days, we recommend switching over to the FitFlop tennis shoes instead. Currently, the Allegro Ballet Flats sell for $140.

FitFlop Men’s Sandals Review

Oxfords aren’t meant for weekends. In the theme of lazy Saturdays and Sundays, it’s best to kick back with a pair of comfy sandals. For those searching for the perfect slide-ons, this FitFlop Shoes review will comb through a few of our favorites within the men’s section.

FitFlop Men’s iqushion Pool Slides Review


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Is it time to hit the beach? Instead of opting for the common thong (that is, with sandals, not swimwear), the Men’s iqushion Pool Slides can offer a comfier fit. 

These FitFlop mens shoes are way more advanced than your typical slippers, as they feature an iQushion midsole, air foam cushioning, rubber straps, and integrated impact pillows. Talk about a bang for your buck!

In terms of aesthetics, these FitFlop iqushion sandals are designed with a pebble-textured front with the brand’s logo embossed on either side. Made to be entirely waterproof in case of accidental splashes, you can make waves with the Men’s iqushion Pool Slides for $40

FitFlop Promotions & Discounts 

This FitFlop Shoes review found out that customers can sign up for their newsletter to receive 15% off their next order. They also provide a student discount worth 20% for eligible members. 

Now and then, the brand will host a sale for some of its products. With this in mind, it’s best to keep tabs on FitFlop’s social media to be informed of any future promotions.