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About Us

Hello and welcome to my glittery world !Mehwish , a makeup artist and a fashion blogger by profession and by passion of course. It is kool that I was been called as DIVA by my school friends as was a freak of fashion since childhood. Oh Well !! That goes with my image I guess!! Doing crazy and creative things with outfits; popping different colors on makeup is something I believe I am good at !!

For the people out there, I’m also a freelance designer and a stylist and been practicing the same on a professional level. I graduated from Asian institute of fashion designing Pakistan.
Why I started to write blogs ??

First of all I love to read blogs ! they provide you a great pieces of info and keep you updated I believe, Instagram and YouTube is my favourite time pass to follow my favorite makeup gurus and fashionistas…

I see now a days most of the bloggers write and focuses on expensive brands.. Oh well ! I thought let’s focus on masses!! who wants to look good with a limited budget !! Let’s say I would love to style and write something about makeup which comes under everyone’s budget. ( oh did I just said everyone’s budget :P) yup guys I started this blog for most of the drugstore budget and my outfits will be also affordable for everyone JHere at the nicolemillar it’s all about being at your best. Follow my personal style notes, product talk and glimpses into the life of a blogger.

For questions and queries, you may write to me on